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DETECTIVE has for years failed in her endeavours to find anything to top the fabulous hot chocolate she once experienced at a cafe in Lille, near the French border with Belgium. The viscous and velvety concoction, served in a silver teapot, was thick enough to stand her spoon in and had a richness she still dreams about.

A visit to Monty’s Chocolates in Brisbane’s Paddington, which specialises in imported chocolate treats, has finally ended Detective’s search. Monty’s European-style hot chocolate, an intoxicating mix of high-quality Italian cocoa, Swiss couverture, fresh milk and cream and a secret blend of spices, is the business. A swooning Detective thought she’d died and gone to heaven as she tucked into a small serve ($3.50; large $5.95). She would have gone in for seconds, and perhaps thirds and fourths, had she not been dragged from the room by concerned onlookers. Combined with a serve of Monty’s exquisite liquid salted caramel balls – originally created as a petit four for Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant at London’s Claridge’s hotel – there could be few better experiences for committed chocoholics such as herself.

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