All About Us!

Monty’s Chocolates first opened it’s doors in September 2008 with our Paddington Store.

Here at Monty’s we are importers of some of the finest chocolate from around the World and bring it direct to you through our retail outlets. We pride ourselves on our selection including chocolate made in Australia.

The original Liquid Salted Caramel

The original Liquid Salted Caramel

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Our Aim: To share our love and passion of sensational chocolate!!!

Our Products: At Monty’s we have some of the World’s finest chocolate all housed in our boutique stores, including some of the innovative chocolate makers here in Australia.  Don’t take our word for it, come in we are happy to sample our varieties of chocolate, or just chill and relax with a cup of Tea or Coffee and one of our delicious treats.  Talk to us about our chocolate, we can answer most of your questions regarding our Boutique Chocolate makers and the manufacturing process of our Chocolates.

Our Suppliers: Pralus, Menakao, Coppeneur, Artisan du Chocolat, Doucet, Rococo,
Charbonnel et Walker, Daintree, Cravve, Nick’s Chocolate, Lief, Nina’s.

Transporting The Chocolate: Because we believe in the products we stock, we take every care in ensuring that the chocolate arrives to us, and thus you, in the best condition possible. At every possible opportunity, we transport the chocolate from its point of origin (including the other side of the world) in Temperature Controlled environments. We believe that this sets us apart from many other suppliers of “chocolate”, and given the products, we believe it is worth the additional cost so you can enjoy the products as they were intended by their artisan creators.



Picture courtesy of “The Good Guide – Brisbane”
“Monty himself”