Bean to Bar – Q&A with Peter Menger from CRAVVE Chocolate

Monty’s Chocolates at Paddington will host a Chocolate Tasting and Q&A with Peter Menger from CRAVVE Chocolate on Sunday 14th July from 1pm – 3pm.

Taste some of the first Chocolate made from Bougainville beans, in nearly 25 years, and meet one of Australia’s leading bean to bar chocolate makers – Peter Menger

And the best thing – Eat Free Chocolate!!!!!!!

Sunday, 14th July, Monty’s Paddington. 1pm-3pm.

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Cravve Tasting

Latest Reviews….. April 2013 ~ thank you Weekend Australian Magazine!

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DETECTIVE has for years failed in her endeavours to find anything to top the fabulous hot chocolate she once experienced at a cafe in Lille, near the French border with Belgium. The viscous and velvety concoction, served in a silver teapot, was thick enough to stand her spoon in and had a richness she still dreams about.

A visit to Monty’s Chocolates in Brisbane’s Paddington, which specialises in imported chocolate treats, has finally ended Detective’s search. Monty’s European-style hot chocolate, an intoxicating mix of high-quality Italian cocoa, Swiss couverture, fresh milk and cream and a secret blend of spices, is the business. A swooning Detective thought she’d died and gone to heaven as she tucked into a small serve ($3.50; large $5.95). She would have gone in for seconds, and perhaps thirds and fourths, had she not been dragged from the room by concerned onlookers. Combined with a serve of Monty’s exquisite liquid salted caramel balls – originally created as a petit four for Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant at London’s Claridge’s hotel – there could be few better experiences for committed chocoholics such as herself.

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Latest Reviews….. March 2013

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Simply the World’s Best Chocolate

Monty's stocks chocolates from all over the globe

Monty’s stocks chocolates from all over the globe

In September 2008, just as the Global Financial Crisis was hitting Aussie businesses hard, Steve Sheldon took a giant risk when he opened a luxury chocolate shop & cafe in Paddington with the dream of bringing the best chocolates from around the world and putting them under one roof. Fast forward to early 2013, and Monty’s Chocolates have just opened their third location, which is really a testament to the quality of the product. It is this quality that Sheldon says is the cornerstone to the stores’ thriving popularity.

“We only want chocolate of the very best quality, that has a real point of difference in flavour,” he explains. “I, like most people, grew up eating Cadbury Chocolate and all of the supermarket chocolate bars but once you try something better it is really hard to go back.”

And if it is something special you are looking for, then the hardest decision is what to try first. Monty’s stocks chocolates from all over the globe including France, Belgium, Germany, UK, Madagascar and Bolivia, while including in the mix, a selection of Australian chocolate made by small boutique makers. As this reviewer was to find out, chocolates aren’t just chocolates.

“The difference in flavour between countries and styles is enormous. Just like wines, coffee and single malt whiskies, if you change the location of the beans grown, or the variety or even the philosophy of the chocolate maker, the flavour, texture and outcome of the chocolate ultimately changes with it,” Sheldon said.
But don’t just take his word for it or feel that you need to be some type of chocolate aficionado to walk into the shop, because every customer is offered samples of different styles of chocolate so that they can taste the points of difference for them selves.

With Easter just a stone’s throw away, those looking for something special for someone special need look no further. Monty’s has an amazing selection of luxury Easter gifts, but there is one that, in this reviewer’s eyes, stands out above all of the rest. For anyone chasing the absolute height of decadence, there is Cubism – a 75% dark solid chocolate cube with praline made with valencia almonds and hazlenut from Piedmont in Italy, pistachios and finally covered in gold leaf. It’s the sure-fire way to ensure that come Easter Sunday, you will be thought of as the world’s best partner/parent/aunt or uncle. Of course you could just get one for yourself instead!

The shop, however, is just one aspect of the business. The Paddington and CBD locations are also thriving cafes offering quality coffee and deserts. Our recommendation – bring a friend and try the tasting palate for two. It’s the perfect way to get an introduction to the amazing array of tastes and flavours of the chocolate world. The milkshake menu is also worth mentioning. As you can probably guess, they are all chocolate but with selections such as ‘chocolate & rose’, chocolate & spearmint’ and ‘chocolate & chilli’, these aren’t you average garden variety chocolate milkshakes. But after all, the name of the game here is to try new things and treat your taste buds to something luxurious!

Monty’s Chocolates have three locations. Paddington: 155 Latrobe Tce; CBD: 288 Edward St; St Andrew’s: 457 Wickham Terrace, Brisbane.

The Newest Deliveries….. taste sensations!

posted by Jeff (customer)

I had the pleasure of dropping into the the City store today for an always superb coffee, and got to try our a couple of the new lines just in from Coppeneur.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFirstly, the Passionfruit & Ginger Dome was stunning. As usual with Coppeneur, the flavours were married so well, that your are not overpowered, but a beautiful subtly comes through – firstly a lovely passionfruit, and then a gentle warmth of ginger – all enrobed in a wonderful dark chocolate.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThen I was presented with the Pistachio & Brittle Truffle. OMG – Please bury me in these….. not usually a fan of white chocolate, but a fan of nuts, this is a perfect marriage of crispy elements and soft nougat. Only limited numbers of these came in, so I was pleased to walk away with a couple.


If you have a savoury palate, then Monty’s have Pink Peppercorn and Chillia Pink Peppercorn and Chilli chocolate that would be perfect to end a hot and spicy meal. With the peppercorns on top, and the chilli mixed with some white chocolate swirl, it might be a love it or hate it argument coming up, but you should give it a go!

Thanks to Monty’s Chocolates for giving me the chance to write something for their new Blog page – a real honour!

Jeff (Carina, Qld)


Easter – A time for Quality or Quantity?

I remember when I was younger, that my brother and I would weigh our Easter bounty, but it is with maturity that it is hoped we learn that it is quality not quantity that counts.

At Monty’s Chocolates, we import some of the finest Easter offerings you can find anywhere, but we also have made by local choclatiers, from local and/or imported chocolate, some wonderful items, which we are proud to offer.

One of the most popular items is made from probably the most wonderful chocolate, the Francois Pralus “Melissa”, an amazing blend of chocolates, including the sublime that made from the Criollo bean.

Come in and check out our selection, from chocolate, to amazing Nougat, and the Charbonnel et Walker eggs.

vanilla truffles Charbonnel et Walker Easter Bunny