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Easter – A time for Quality or Quantity?

I remember when I was younger, that my brother and I would weigh our Easter bounty, but it is with maturity that it is hoped we learn that it is quality not quantity that counts.

At Monty’s Chocolates, we import some of the finest Easter offerings you can find anywhere, but we also have made by local choclatiers, from local and/or imported chocolate, some wonderful items, which we are proud to offer.

One of the most popular items is made from probably the most wonderful chocolate, the Francois Pralus “Melissa”, an amazing blend of chocolates, including the sublime that made from the Criollo bean.

Come in and check out our selection, from chocolate, to amazing Nougat, and the Charbonnel et Walker eggs.

vanilla truffles Charbonnel et Walker Easter Bunny